OMG The Holidays are Around the Corner!

OMG The Holidays are Around the Corner!

Are you a last minute shopper or did you finish buying gifts for everyone on Black Friday? Either way, we’re not here to judge. We just want to make sure the gifts look great under your Christmas tree. We may not be Oprah, but we can still share a few of our favorite things. Our job today is to help you with 3 gift wrapping hacks that will help you stay off Santa’s naughty list for Christmas this year.

Get the Kit

It can be tempting to buy a bunch of rolls of wrapping paper on sale, and then go get some ribbon, then pick up markers or a name tag...but why? There is a much easier way to make sure your gifts look good. Instead of buying all those things separately, you can buy a
gift wrapping kit with everything but the tape! Whether you want to buy wrapping paper with Black Santa, Black angels, or snow flakes, a gift wrapping kit is the way to go. You’ll save time and money.

The Good Old Gift Bag

Sometimes you just don’t feel like wrapping presents. Between finishing up work before the holiday vacation, and cooking for Christmas dinner with the whole family, worrying about that light bill, and buying the actual gifts, who has time? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Gift bags are a great way to show you care without the extra holiday hassle.

Upcycle Your Leftovers

Depending on you wrapping paper skill level, you may not cut it exactly right every time. Thankfully, we have an idea--upcycle your scraps. Use the scraps of wrapping paper to make little bows. This can give your gifts that added flair. You can make disposable placemats for a Kwanzaa celebration. Some families line their holiday dinnerware with wrapping paper for brunch. If you have large sheets left over, wrap your front door to let the whole neighborhood know that you’re in the Christmas spirit. There is no limit to the creative things you can do with your leftover wrapping paper.

Make the holidays memorable with wrapping paper that represents your culture. Whether you celebrate Kwanzaa, Christmas, or the Winter Solstice, Midnight Reflections LLC is here to make your celebration special.

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