It’s That Time of the Year!

7 Things We’re Grateful For in 2020

Well, it’s that time of the year again. Where the magic of the holiday season pours down like a heavy rain, and we prepare to decorate our homes with red, green, and glimmer. We pull out the box of lights, ornaments, and memories. We dust them off, sift through them, and put them up with joy. It’s the time we all dream would last year roundup----especially after the year we’ve had in the last few months.

If you’re anything like us here at Midnight Reflections LLC, we are exploring new ways to spread holiday cheer while keeping our spirits bright and enjoying the sights and sounds of happiness. Finally, the 2020 HOLIDAY is upon us!

Here are 7 things we’re grateful for as this holiday makes this crazy 2020 start to look brighter!

1. New Beginnings! We are grateful for new beginnings. The pandemic is making us start new traditions and try new things. Everything is changing, and that’s okay. We’ve revamped our website and made a few updates. We are excited to have you look around the new site! Here’s a 10% OFF code to take with you while you look around: HEY2020.

2. Cute Masks! We know this sounds crazy, but we are actually super grateful for masks. Masks have become a part of our everyday living, and they are helping us save lives and
show compassion for others. As we all work together to stop the spread of this novel virus, we are making the most of the mask movement. We’re seeing beautiful masks with messages, glitter, and fun prints. The masks are getting cuter by the day, and we
love them all! We are jumping in on the action...Check out our Merry Masks here.

3. Intimate Family Gatherings! We know that this holiday season will be a bit more intimate as we spend time with those closest to us, and our holidays may not include as many extended family members as it did in previous years. Having smaller intimate gatherings this holiday season will mean we get to have longer conversations with each other, more movie time, and more sweet potato pie for those after-dinner snacks. And for
this, we are grateful.

4. Early Black Friday Deals! Yes, we love to shop as much as you do! The idea that many companies are giving us great deals and doorstep delivery makes us grateful. Even if you’re not a big shopper, the deals could definitely make the holidays brighter. Check out our new additions to the Midnight Reflections LLC holiday collection here

5. Friends All Over the World! This holiday season will include so many new virtual friends for us. We were featured in the Essence Magazine gift guide, and we’ve gained quite a few new friends! New friends from all over the world is what the holiday spirit is all about, and we love making friends. If you’d like to be our new friend on social media, join us at

6. Good Music! As we settle into this holiday season, music is our #1 FAVORITE way to get into the spirit. We love holiday music, and we hope you do too! Here’s a playlist we love to listen to on repeat:

7. The Best Meals Ever! Thanksgiving, Christmas, and every day in between those two holidays are known for the meals we all love. So, we are grateful for the taste of the holidays. We love everything from fried turkey to fresh banana pudding, and we can’t wait for those days to be here. Everything amazing about the holiday season can be found in the kitchen, under the tree, and at

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