Give me A Gift Bag: I Suck at Wrapping Gifts!

Okay okay...we won’t tell anyone that you can’t wrap gifts. You keep picking up gift bags and cute ribbons because you haven’t had time to master the art of gift wrapping.

This year you want to try adulting a bit more, so you’ve purchased your Midnight Reflections wrapping paper (if you haven’t, get yours here), and you’re ready to wrap up those cute gifts you purchased. If you are new to gift wrapping, we want to make sure you’re set up for success. So, make sure you’re wrapping a box (yes, put your gift in a box if it’s not already in square packaging), and make sure you have scissors and tape.

Okay...once you get all your items together, here are 3 tips to master the art of gift wrapping.

1. Wrap on a hard, flat surface. Trying to wrap a gift on the bed or the plush rug isn’t going to work out in your favor. Find a table and clear it off for your wrapping session.

2. Stand up and wrap your gifts. Yes, you need to get above the box in order to see what you’re doing. This will make it easier to handle your box.

3. Use pre-tied bows and ribbons. After you’ve done the hard work of wrapping a gift, don’t worry too much about tying the ribbons. Buy a few ribbons, twine, and name tag to add to your gift for the finishing touches.

Once you wrap your gifts using our Wrapping It Up Guide and add your bows, you’ll be on your way to Christmas dinner with pretty gifts you actually wrapped.

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